Renovation and Tenant Improvement -
Your move up in size and class

Since 2005 Masters has successfully renovated over 800 projects, meeting the needs of clients moving into new facilities or enhancing the efficiency and work environment of their current location.


From small-space overhauls to revitalizing a 100,000 square foot corporate center, we utilize the full spectrum of our team’s expertise to maximize space and improve every facility according to each client’s specific needs.

Competitive, Affordable, Expert Customization

  • Our Proven Experience
    - Over 800 successfully completed renovation projects since 2005.
    - The professionals at Masters Construction have over 420 years of combined proven construction experience.

  • Unsurpassed Quality and Customer Service
    - Masters Construction has worked with over 200 clients in Florida, some of which have hired us over 100 times.

  • Excellent Safety Record
    - Safety is number one at Masters Construction and Development.  We take great pride in knowing our jobsites are supervised full-time by highly trained and experienced construction professionals.  We are proud to say we have a zero-loss run history, which is a rarity in our industry.

  • Extremely Competitive
    - Due to our low overhead and highly efficient professionals, Masters Construction and Development is extremely competitive. Large construction companies can have multiple layers of upper management along with out-of-state home offices, all of which add considerable cost to the bottom-line of your project’s budget.

  • Occupied Spaces
    - The professionals at Masters Construction excel at working in occupied
    tenant spaces, allowing clients to take their facilities to the next level while maintaining productivity.  The secret to our success is facilitating close communication with clients, tenants and subcontractors to assure our team thoroughly understands the customer’s requirements during construction.

  • Green/LEED Renovation
    - Masters reduces its carbon footprint by implementing the latest developments in sustainable construction practices thus minimizing environmental impact.
HeathPlan’s newly renovated 84,000 sq. ft. building will provide over new 1,000  healthcare jobs. HeathPlan’s newly renovated 84,000 sq. ft. building will provide over new 1,000  healthcare jobs.